Before your Kaleidoscope visit, guide your students through some creative thinking exercises. The goal is to lead them to open-ended, no-wrong answer type thinking.

One such exercise is to identify an ordinary object. Then have your students imagine uses for it that are atypical and not necessarily useful!  An example would be to imagine what a shoe could become.  Possibilities include a doorstop, bird house, paper weight, dog toy, doll bed, or a telephone!  OR two shoes could become ear muffs, or a clapper, or bookends.

Another exercise is to have your students create a word or phrase using letters and numbers.  Some people choose to do this with their license plates.  Examples include: “cre8” (create), “1derful” (wonderful), or “4tune” (fortune).  OR have your students make note of standard license plates they have seen and then create funny sentences out of the letters.  Examples: SLT could become “Slimy Leafy Tree” or QBO could become “Quick Big Ox”.

Creative thinking often involves carefully examining what exists in order to make it new. Have your students work with partners to identify an object. One person is blindfolded and will be listening to clues from the non-blindfolded person who describes in detail the identified object.  When the object is identified, they trade places and select a new object.

Jokes involve creative thinking. A joke is often funny because of the surprise outcome or play on words in the punch line.  Your students likely know some jokes or they might want to make some up.  Some riddles that might get the joke part of your brain started include:

Why do bees hum?
They forgot the words!

Where do sheep get their hair cut?
At the baa baa shop!

What did one potato chip say to the the other?
Want to take a dip?

Kaleidoscope uses materials from Hallmark that have been identified as discard. Much of the creativity at Kaleidoscope results from your children’s ability to use those materials in ways that were not their original purpose. Reusing materials is a healthy thing to do for our planet. Have your students share with each other things that they do in their family that reuses materials.

Directions to Kaleidoscope
2500 Grand Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64108
(816) 274-8300