Grade: Kdg-6th
Length: 90 minutes
Available: Monday through Thursday
Limit: 75 students

Please read over the descriptions for speakers available October 2014 through May 2015 and then call 816-274-8301 to make a reservation. (These sessions fill quickly!)

Students learn from Hallmark illustrators and writers. Each speaker brings unique expertise to make an educational, inspiring and fun presentation! Presentations last 20-30 minutes. Your students then enjoy the full Kaleidoscope creative experience (typically one hour).

Educators receive post-Kaleidoscope art ideas and additional art materials to use in the classroom.

  • Zachary Newton– Sorry, all sessions are full.

    From Character to Caricature: Zach will demonstrate his method of creating humorous caricatures of your favorite real-life TV and movie characters, from Duck Dynasty to Darth Vader. His fun and engaging demonstration will show the process from research to pencil sketches to finished product.  All grades.

  • Tom Shay-Zapien – Sorry, all sessions are full. zapien

    Tom gets a lot of inspiration from people-watching, reading children’s books and poetry, listening to all sorts of music and a warm chocolate chip cookie every now and then. Tom will talk about ways to discover your very own writing voice (if you haven’t already) and how to use it to make yourself and others happy on the inside, where it counts! Brains will be stormed, verbal fingerprints will be taken, and writer’s block will be defeated! Best for grades 4-6.

  • Renee Andriani – Sorry, all sessions are full.

    Come laugh and learn with Hallmark artist Renee Andriani as she draws for the group and shares what it’s like to create illustrations for cards and books. This interactive session will have students participating in creating funny characters and learning how to be more expressive with their own art. All grades.

  • Molly Wigand – Sorry, all sessions are full. wigand

    Molly loves helping kids discover the pure fun of creative writing. How do you write a riddle? What kind of verses make people get the giggles? A published children’s book author and Hallmark writer, she will use interactive writing games and imagination-boosting exercises to coach students as they stretch their creative muscles. Molly will share some tricks of the trade that make every kind of writing fun! All grades.

  • Mike Esberg – Sorry, all sessions are full. esberg

    Interactive fun is in store with Hallmark artist, Mike Esberg, as he creates “mad-lib style”. Mike will explore creating a character from a story line that your students will come up with as a group. He’ll also demonstrate steps kids can use to develop their own characters. Best for grades 1-3.

  • Megan Haave – Sorry, all sessions are full.

    Megan helps kids use their senses to inspire great writing. She encourages them to notice everything they see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the world around them. Students will discover how following their noses, eyes, ears, fingers and tastebuds makes writing more fun… and how writing makes everyday things more lively.

  • Linda Morris – Sorry, all sessions are full. morris

    Linda used to dream about being a ballerina, princess, race car driver and beyond! Her active imagination led her to feature film and TV, as well as being a chef. Having moved here from LA, Linda is excited to call upon her experiences to write for Hallmark. She will talk about how kids can indulge any dream and create fun through writing. All grades.

  • Kim Pjecha – Sorry, all sessions are full.

    Kim will demonstrate the art of Ukranian Egg Decorating and show how this traditional art form has influenced her work and has been translated to Hallmark product. Available March and April 2015. Best for grades 2-6.

  • Kevin Dilmore – Sorry, all sessions are full.

    Ever since his mom taught him to read at age 2, Kevin has loved to figure out how stories work so he could make up his own to tell. In his career, he has told stories with novels, children’s books, screenplays and more, including Hallmark greeting cards. Hang out with Kevin to talk about what makes a story fun so you can get more out of what you read – and even make up your own!  All grades.

  • Joseph Humphries – Sorry, all sessions are full.

    With a long history in designing and illustrating licensed characters, Joe will demonstrate the process in making a Hallmark card, with live demonstrations on how to draw Winnie the Pooh.  All grades.

  • Jake Gahr – Sorry, all sessions are full. gahr

    Jake’s first poem was about a boy who didn’t want to eat his peas. As they say “Write what you know!” After that, he soon discovered that inspiration can be found anywhere-even in the most ordinary places. As a Hallmark writer, he uses everything from photos, TV commercials, toys, songs-sometimes even a single, solitary word!-to inspire creative and fun writing, and he’ll show your students how they can be inspired by everyday stuff, too!  All grades.

  • Erin Canty – Sorry, all sessions are full. canty

    Writing keeps Erin busy as a bee but feeling happy as a lark! She’s always looking for creative ways to communicate her message. Metaphors, similes, and personification take center stage as Erin talks to students about spicing up their writing with figurative language. She’ll also lead the students through a few games and exercises. Best for grades 2-6.

  • Ellen Brenneman – Sorry, all sessions are full.

    Ellen explains that a writer has to put himself or herself in a lot of different “shoes” and think from different points of view. For example, what would you say to an astronaut Mom? We’ll use TV moms as examples of all the different types of Moms. We’ll play a game of “Name that TV Mom” and decide what would be the best thing to say to each on Mother’s Day.  All grades.

  • Daniel Miyares – Sorry, all sessions are full.

    Daniel is a Hallmark Senior Illustrator who is never without his sketchbook! Drawing the interesting faces and places in the world around him is not only fun but plays a big part in his job. Daniel will show how keeping and working in sketchbooks can become an important spark to your creativity. All grades.

  • Craig Lueck – Sorry, all sessions are full. lueck

    Craig creates wonderful watercolor paintings and enjoys inviting kids to explore art and the world around them. Students will watch Craig as he paints and listen as he talks about engaging in creativity. All grades.

  • Chris Brethwaite – Sorry, all sessions are full. brethwaite

    From the time Chris was in the sixth grade, he wanted to become a writer. That dream came true in the summer of 1988 when he was hired to write for Shoebox. Chris believes that humor writing is a lot like magic, in that the cover of a card “tricks” a person into thinking one thing, and then surprises them with something totally unexpected on the inside. Join Chris as he talks about his fun job! All grades.

  • Anne Adams – Sorry, all sessions are full.

    Do you like playing around with writing your name in cool or fancy ways? Anne is a Hallmark Lettering Artist who makes words look great! Join them for a session in learning how to make regulars words say so much more through creative lettering. All grades.

  • Amy Trowbridge-Yates Sorry, all sessions are full. yates

    Amy wrote her first story when she was a six year old about a frog who couldn’t stop jumping:”He jumps and he jumps and he jumps…” But it was she who couldn’t stop writing! Now she writes and she writes and she writes all day to turn her experiences into cards that make people smile! Best for grades 2-5.

  • Amber Goodvin – Sorry, all sessions are full.

    Words have power! Come join Hallmark Lettering Artist, Amber Goodwin, as she explores how to evoke a feeling of a word through its written form. All lettering has its own personality, be it HaPPy, ANGRY, fancy, Funky, BOLD, peaceful, etc. Amber will demonstrate her approach to having fun with words.  Best for grades 4-6.

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